The Czech Insurance Association (ČAP - hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a professional association established under section 20 (f) of the Civil Code to organize and support mutual aid and cooperation as well as to secure interests of insurance and reinsurance companies (hereinafter referred to as the insurance companies).

The Association is a legal entity with headquarters in Prague and it came into existence on January 1, 1994. The aims of the Association include representing, protecting and enforcing common interests of member insurance companies and their clients with regard to state administration bodies, legislative authorities and other entities. 


  • Full members 25
  • Special-status members 3

The Czech Insurance Association members’ premiums constitute 98 % of all premiums in the Czech Republic.

Our main objectives:

  • to process comments on legislation relevant to the insurance industry, insurance and to other interests of insurance companies, and to accomplish necessary amendments to the Czech and European legislation
  • to develop instruments of loss prevention and insurance fraud prevention
  • to unify rules and procedures of the members regarding cooperation in the technical, information and statistics area
  • to create information instruments for the public and to provide clear and unbiased information about the insurance market and insurance products development
  • to contribute to professional awareness of members and to provide educational opportunities
  • to create ethical principles in insurance
  • to assist in dispute settlements among the members